My only post is about GACKT but that doesn't mean i don't love other boybands. actually there's only one other boyband that i love: ARASHI. all the others from johnny just aren't as interesting. to me ARASHI is the most fascinating boyband out there.

ever since i encountered mago mago no arashi i've been hooked. the fascination hasn't diminished even a little since then, that's more than 10 years ago. and then i encountered the communities online from livejournal and that made my life all the more interesting.

to finish, what i have to say is that if ARASHI wasn't there to help me out at certain times in my life, it's not that i wouldn't have make it but it would have been a lot more difficult to survive those awful situations. with ARASHI life does actually become more full of hapiness and i don't plan on turning my backs on them for as long as i live anyway...